World of Tanks to hold Football Championship


No, there is no mistake in the header.

Wargaming have today announced that there will be a new game mode added to its online hit World of Tanks. To help celebrate the impending World Cup, a new World Football Championship mode will go live June 12th through to July 13th, which will offer players a new sport tank, some achievements and a new team-based, football themed game mode.


The World Football Championship mode will pit teams of 3 in a 7 minute long battle, which will take place on a reworked version of Himmelsorf, which has been recreated into a football pitch. The objective of the game will be to score a goal using the vehicles and shells, and defend their own goals against opposition players. Only the new sport tank the Tier 1 T-62a Sport will be allowed to enter the game mode, and every player will find that tank available for free.


Any player that enters the game mode will find the “Football Player 2014″ medal awarded for exceptional performances, and experience points will be able to be gained via special missions.

Check out the trailer below!


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